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Annoyed by bright sunlight on your TomTom* ?

Car Navigator in bright sunlight ........................... Same Navigator with ZunZun Basic

In both winter and summer Car Navigators can be hard to read because of bright sunlight. The contrast of the display is fading and annoying reflections occur.
You will miss essential information or have to pay more attention and time to the screen.
This is uncomfy and not safe in traffic.

ZunZun basic: Universal Sun Visor!

This unique sunvisor prevents bright sunlight and annoying reflections on your display and windshield.
The ZunZun basic gives you more ease and fun in reading and driving.


We deliver the ZunZun

to consumers and companies,
in larger and small quantities,
in standard and 'Custom'-versions.



ZunZun MiniVisor NEW: For compacts like TomTom ONE vs2/3/4 15,45 EUR

ZunZun basic Black Universal and low-priced 4,99 EUR

HAVE make Fit . 2,45 EUR

Glare Stomper

Glare Stomper 316 For a.o. TomTom GO 16,95 EUR

Glare Stomper 320 For widescreens like TomTom XL 18,95 EUR

ZunZun: LowTech for HighTech