Sun Visors for Laptops

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Annoyed by bright sunlight on your laptop?

ZunZun develops solutions for the vision on and privacy of laptops in outdoor use.

In moderate to bright sunlight
In the garden, on terraces
in a sunny room
In trains or cars

People outside on the road, traveling, who want to use their laptop
Photographers, designers, computerworkers.

Which laptops?
Initially netbooks and laptops with screens of 10 and 15.6 inches.

For outdoor use there are some problems with laptops:
1. contrast.
The amount of natural light outside is very high. The light output of computer displays can not match that. This is the contrast on the display screen is too small and difficult to read, if not obscure.
A distinction is made between direct and indirect (diffuse) light.
In direct light rays shine directly on the screen. A hood keeps the direct rays and casts a shadow on the screen which greatly improved the readability.
Indirect (diffuse) light comes from other directions than directly from the sun and can see through the opening of many hoods to enter. The amount can be substantial and significantly reduce readability.
2. reflection
If there are light, bright objects (eg a white shirt or t-shirt, a light wall, a white face) for the screen that reflect in the screen and impede readability.

There are displays in development that will be readable in bright sunlight.
The displays of most laptops currently in use though, are difficult to read in bright light.
Therefore we develop sun visors for these laptops.
They are effective, light, convenient, affordable, beautiful and socially acceptable (cool).
Are you interested? Contact Johan Kok: +31 15 2141015

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CompuShade Sun Visor for Laptops 28,95 EUR